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CTS is the formula through which you can entrust your organization's technology to professionals and experts who will keep it 100% operational so you can focus on your business and your activities.

Rather than just responding to security issues, managed service providers (MSPS) identify IT Threats and weaknesses before they happen, thereby preventing situations and eliminating unproductive time. With proactive support, instead of simply fixing the same symptoms over and over, our proactive managed IT service will dig deep to determine the underlying cause of recurring issues and fix the root of the problem to minimize time-stealing issues. Simplifying IT and Comprehensive Managed IT Services will keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly. 

Always Vanguard with Technology advances Solutions for your business

 • Creativity and Innovation: We place advanced technology at your service for the development of your company adapting it to your needs.
• Immediacy and genuineness in our service: We provide personalized service with the shortest waiting time.
• Guaranteed technical expertise: We have a highly prepared and specialized team with the ability to attend different situations. 

Testimonials from our clientes

“Two years ago, I decided to create my marketing consulting company and recently, I needed to upgrade our computers because we were growing. A friend recommended me to use CTS services and so far, they have helped me a lot in the development of my company. Whenever I need them, they don't hesitate to support me”. Chris G. / Marketing

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Our Increasing Capability Services

o Windows / Apple OS: If the unit is not starting properly, it might be required to reinstall or repair the OS.
o Microsoft Office: Install, set up, and troubleshoot your Microsoft Suit, so your documents can be created, edited, saved, and sent in a safe way.
o Peripherical Driver: Install all your devices' latest drivers for proper operation and functionality.
○ Windows / Apple Systems Upgrade: Keep your devices up to date so all security systems, hardware drivers and software runs smoothly.
○ Windows / Apple OS Troubleshooting: resolves all issues related to the OS like blue screens, error message dialogs, apps malfunctions, ext.
○ Printer and Scanner Setup / Troubleshooting: Have your printer ready and available on all your devices.
○ Microsoft 365: Set up your Microsoft Office Suite to create your documents, presentations, spreadsheets and even graphic design content.
○ Email Integration with Outlook: Keep all your email accounts in just one platform for better email following, quickest responding times and to have the certain that no email is missed.
○ Malware Protection: Virus, malware, spyware and ransomware Removal and Protection: Remove all Virus, spyware, ransomware and all malicious software to keep your data secure and private.
o Security Scan: prevent incoming threats from downloaded files with a quick and automatic security scan.
o Audio / Video Setup: Set your microphone with the proper volume level, and your webcam image with the best supported quality for an optimized virtual conference experience.
o Display: Set your single or multiple display devices to show the most information in the fastest possible way.
○ Hardware Cleaning: Dust can produce loud noises in the fans and overheating issues. Keep your unit clean and clear so air can properly flow, and components keep safe.
o System Tune Up: set up your system so it can work more efficiently by deleting unnecessary files and stopping unnecessary processes, so your computer will focus on what your business needs.
o Web Browser Setup and Cleaning: Stop those unwanted advertisements from prompt up, decrease the loading times and select the search engine of your preference for a better navigation experience.
o Navigation Speed check and Fine-Tune: Have your internet speed as fast as you should. The network systems and peripherical needs to be proper set up for a fast and stable connection. (Data speed gets slower due to an inefficient network setup).
o Remove Unwanted Software: Deleting a direct access, or a software directory doesn’t mean that the software was completely removed. We make sure that all temporal, cache and other data gets removed as well, so your disk capacity doesn’t get affected.
o Server Data Back Up: Daily Backup for your server, according with the type and amount of data contained. We assign best Cloud backup provider.
o Workstation Data Back Up: Daily backup for your Workstation, offering different cloud services to keep your business and customer’s information.
o Physical Back Up: Storage your information on multiple physical devices such as USB Flash Drives, DVD, SD Card, ext.
○ VoIP Phone Setup: Install the most advanced telephone system for your company and enjoy more quality, the best customer service and a fully scalable service.
○ Business Essentials Line with Phone System: Unlimited calling withing the US/Canada, toll-free numbers, auto attendant, voice mail and more.
○ Conference and Video Calls: Make your video conference calls a lot faster and easier just by using your business phone.
○ Text Messaging and SMS: Storage your information on multiple physical devices such as USB Flash Drives, DVD, SD Card, ext.
o eFax: Our eFax service allows us to process your incoming faxes. Once processed on our platform, it is sent to you by email as a PDF file, which you can print or use directly. 

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