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Fatboyz Networks
IT Technology Services Support Plans

With our packaged IT support plans we offer you different levels of technological services that will adapt to the technical needs of your company. From the most exhaustive IT consulting or computer consulting to computer support and maintenance services. Our mission is to provide competitive productive technology services to suit the needs of our customers.

Our Services
- Security: Malware Protection and Security Scan.
- Multimedia setup: Set your microphone with the proper volume level, and your webcam image with the best-supported quality for an optimized virtual conference experience. Also, set your single or multiple display devices to show the most information in the fastest possible way.
- Cleaning and maintenance: Hardware Cleaning, System Tune Up, Web Browser Setup and Cleaning, 

EZ Computech
General Computer Technical Services

Computer problems? Are you hesitating to ask? Come on and talk to us, we are oriented to help small offices and home offices, so you don't have to deal with these big companies that enhance your problems. We proactively define computing services by providing solutions that can grow your business.

Our services:
- Software installation: Windows / Apple OS, Microsoft Office, and other Drivers.
- System support: Windows / Apple Systems Upgrade and Troubleshooting, Printer and Scanner Setup / Troubleshooting, Microsoft 365 set up, Email Integration with Outlook.   

VoIP Callcentral
VoIP Callcentral
Internet Phone Service for your business

Leave the rigidity of conventional Phone service and move to our VoIP Callcentral Internet Phone system, where you'll start saving from the first minute. We have more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications working on VoIP services like VoIP phone system, hosted PBX, SIP trunk, eFax, and more VoIP services. In VoIP Callcentral we are just a phone call away. Our VoIP Callcentral internet solutions help you save money for the beginning when no need to purchase expensive phone systems.
- We have more than 20 years of experience in the market.
- You can enjoy our services without a contract.
- Our VoIP Callcentral cloud solutions help you save money at the beginning when you don’t need to purchase expensive phone systems.
- The phone system adapts to work at home or in the office.
- Configure it from your phone and get two or more different numbers.
- Receive and send text messages from your phone number.
- Professional greeting system and IVR. 

Total Backup Data
Total Backup Data
Data Protection Services / Remote Data Backup Service

Data backup is the practice of storing your valuable data on multiple devices so that you don't have to deal with a data loss tragedy. We make you safe in an uncertain world and enjoy the confidence of knowing that you can recover and restore critical systems if your business is threatened by a data disaster. We review your data and assign the best cloud backup provider for you. Our clients benefit from price agreements and data packages with our allied companies, in this way we offer an appropriate solution with companies specialized in these services.
Our Services:
- Server Data Backup: Daily Backup for your server, according to what type of data and amount of data. We assign the best Cloud Backup Provider.
- Workstation Data Back Up: Daily backup for your Workstation, offering different cloud services to keep your business and customer information.
- Physical Back Up: Storage your information on multiple physical devices such as USB Flash Drives, DVDs, SD Card, ext. 

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